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"I am dedicating this website and its contents to honor my father, Reverend Harold H. Brauer and his many accomplishments during his career as a Lutheran minister and his commitment to his own family and the many whom he served spiritually. Growing up as one of his children, my focus was to prepare for work and my professional career. Like my parents, I was dedicated to my own family and time did not allow me to pay close attention to his many accomplishments. Later I appreciated his dedication, along with the life-long support that my mother, Edna Brauer, gave to his work and to our family. Theirs was a life of service which I came to realize more after I retired from my own career. In order to honor them for their service to our family and many others, I have developed this website. I hope those who become aware of this website will find items from my parent’s lives that are a blessing. The main content of this website is the collection of more than 2000 sermons written and delivered by my father. Digitizing them is a work in progress, initially including the first 440 sermons. The remainder will be added as they are digitized. I hope website visitors benefit from his messages.

If you find this website valuable, I would appreciate your doing two things:

1. Tell others about your having found this website and share your experience and any value received through social media and other forms of communication. In that way, the ministry of Reverend Harold H. Brauer will continue to benefit others for a long time.

2. Let me know about your experience using this website and how it may have blessed you by using the FEEDBACK feature. Then I will know that the long hours to put this website together were well worth my efforts."

-Roger L. Brauer, Ph.D., P.E.

602 W. Austin Street Tolono, IL 61880

Introduction to Harold H. Brauer

This is a short introduction to Harold H. Brauer. Scattered on this website are other accounts of Harold’s life and family. There is an autobiography that captures Harold’s memories throughout his life. There is a service folder from his memorial service that summarizes his career and contributions. There are newspaper clippings that list some details for specific times and places. There is a short section about his wife, Edna Brauer and some of her accomplishment, especially her painting after retirement....


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