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This is a short introduction to Harold H. Brauer. Scattered on this website are other accounts of Harold’s life and family. There is an autobiography that captures Harold’s memories throughout his life. There is a service folder from his memorial service that summarizes his career and contributions. There are newspaper clippings that list some details for specific times and places. There is a short section about his wife, Edna Brauer and some of her accomplishment, especially her painting after retirement.


Harold grew up on a farm near Malcolm, Nebraska, not far from the state capitol, Lincoln.


His father, Ernst Brauer, emigrated to the United States in 1878 with his parents when he was 4 years old, one of seven siblings and the youngest son. Ernst’s father died one month after arriving in Nebraska. Ernst’s mother, Elizabeth, purchased land from a railroad the next spring, which became the farm where she raised her children.


Harold was born in 1910, one of six sons and one daughter that were children of Ernst F. Brauer and his wife, Wilhelmina (Minna) Goecke. Harold’s full name was Harold Herman Clamor Brauer. He had two middle names, each taken from uncles who were his godparents. Working with two middle names was somewhat cumbersome. For a time, Harold went by Harold C. Brauer. However, at some point during early adulthood he chose to use Harold H. Brauer.


As the boys grew, Harold’s parents decided that one of their sons should become a minister. Just after turning 13, Harold was surprised to learn he was chosen for that role (see Harold’s autobiography). He began his secondary education at St. John’s Academy in Winfield, Kansas. He progressed to St. John’s College, Winfield, Kansas, and then to Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. Completing his ministerial preparation was interrupted by the slow economy following the Great Depression of the early 1930s. As an interim role he taught parochial school for three years in Bear Creek, Wisconsin and Houston, Texas.


His first parish was in Julesburg, Colorado. Thereafter he served congregations in Amherst, Colorado, Ogden, Utah (and nearby communities), Symco, Wisconsin, Green Bay, Wisconsin and then had roles in the North Wisconsin District of The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, working from Wausau, Wisconsin. Along this career path, he found numerous opportunities to fill spiritual needs of individuals, communities, congregations, and larger areas. His were a many-faceted career with increasing responsibilities and numerous accomplishments.


In 1936 he married Edna Schmallenberg of Bear Creek, Wisconsin. Edna grew up on a small farm and amid the family sawmill that served the community as they cleared timber from land. They had three children: Reverend Dr. James L. Brauer (Gail Schuth), Dr. Roger L. Brauer (Charlotte Shepherd), and Gloria Brauer. There were four grandchildren: Andrew Brauer, Rebecca Mitchell, Michelle Pinciaro and David Brauer and nine great-grandchildren.


Reverend Harold H. Brauer died in Wausau, Wisconsin on March 17, 1998.

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