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Hymns Written by Harold H. Brauer


Later in life, Rev. Harold H. Brauer enjoyed writing hymns. In most cases he focused on special occasions for which he had a personal interest. Generally, the hymns relied on familiar hymn tunes, which established the style of the text. This document contains the nine hymns he wrote.

Each hymn appears on a single page. In most cases, the page includes the associated music. There are also personal notes by Rev Brauer about the hymn origins or intended use. The music formats were prepared by son James.

Instructions: Click on a hymn to display the text and music in PDF format. 

Thy Word, O Lord, Before Me Lies

Mighty Father of Mankind

Before Our Triune God
Loving Savior, Gentle Shepherd

Psalm 84

Your Constant Love, O God of Might

Lord, At Your Word
Faithful God, for Generations

Anniversary Hymn

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