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Family Album

Harold H. Brauer was the middle son of Ernst and Wilhelmina (Minna) Brauer of Malcolm, NE.

The children in order of age were:

  • Martin

  • Hubert

  • Erwin

  • Harold

  • Lorenz

  • Erna

  • Louis

Below is the family in adulthood:

Front Row: Erna, Minna, Ernst, Martin; Back Row: Erwin, Louis, Harold, Lorenz

Harold married Edna Schmallenberg at Bear Creek, Wisconsin on May 15, 1936.

Edna was the daughter of Leonard (Len) and Ida Schmallenberg of Bear Creek, Wisconsin. Edna was the youngest of four siblings:


  • Frohnie

  • Elmer

  • Irvin

  • Edna

Front: Frohnie, Leonard (Len), Ida, Edna. Back: Elmer, Irvin

Harold and Edna had three children: James, Roger and Gloria.


Because Edna completed only one year of high school and Harold had completed advanced education, Edna ingrained into her children the importance of a good education. As a result, Rev. Dr. James completed the requirements to become a minister and advanced education in theology and music. Dr. Roger completed college in mechanical engineering and psychology and advanced education in safety engineering and ergonomics. Gloria completed college in mathematics and a graduate MBA.


Harold and Edna had four grandchildren. The group appears below.

Harold and Edna (front) with family: (middle) Rebecca, Gloria, Michelle, David; (back) Gail and James, Andrew, Roger and Char. Rebecca and Andrew are children of James and Gail. Michelle and David are children of Roger and Char.

          Harold & Edna Brauer in 1961, Married 25 Years.                     Harold & Edna Brauer in 1991, Married 55 years

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