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This chapter provides a summary of the education path of Harold Brauer. Additional details appear in his autobiography and in the chapter on athletics. For his elementary education Harold H. Brauer attended a parochial school associated with his home church, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Malcolm, NE. After completing the first grade, he was advanced a grade and began 3rd grade the following year, joining his older brother Erwin. At the end of the 8th grade and at age 12, he took the tests required in the county to obtain an 8th grade diploma. Students had to pass tests in 14 subjects with a grade of 75 or higher. He scored 80 and received his 8th grade diploma. Below are photos of his confirmation at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church at age 12 or 13.

Harold Brauer is second from left in back row. His brother Erwin is second from right and in back row.

High School


About the time Harold celebrated his 13th birthday in mid-August of 1922, his parents had committed to sending him to St. John’s Academy in Winfield, KS where he began high school that fall. This academy was part of an academic institution that offered high school and college education. Because the academic program at the Academy covered the State of Kansas graduation requirements for high school in three years, Harold graduated from high school at age 15.








The school’s 1924 yearbook (The Saint) listed Harold among the freshmen class members and included a photo. The yearbook also listed his participation in the Philomathian Society. Little is known about that organization, but a number of schools at the time had such an organization devoted to debate, speaking, and literary interests.




Following high school, he continued his education at St. John’s College in Winfield, KS. The program was a three-year academic program and included an area of study preparing students for becoming a minister. The program included courses in German, Greek and Hebrew. He graduated in June 1929 at the age of 18. A copy of his transcript appears below.

The 1928 edition of The Saint has an entry (shown above) for him among the members of the Junior Class. The entry lists the activities he participated in. The Chrysostomas Society was one of two student groups (the other was the Demosthenian Society) that competed in several ways during the school year. The main events occurred in spring and involved oratory, reading and debate. Clearly, this record from his last year at St. John’s College, shows he was active in many ways.



Harold Brauer began his final period of study for the Lutheran ministry when he enrolled at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, MO in 1929. After two years of study there, he began an internship. However, that period extended for three years before he completed his final year of study at the seminary. His autobiography provides details about the internship period that involved teaching parochial school. During his first two years of study at Concordia Seminary, Harold was involved in tennis and basketball. Refer to the chapter on Athletics for details on his athletic activities while in St. Louis. His academic record at Concordia Seminary and his diploma appears below.

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